1479 DR, Era of Upheaval.

The aftermath of the Spellplague has subsided and only scattered areas of Faerûn remain blighted. While these remaining ‘Plagelands’ continue to consume all life that attempts to enter, they are waning and nature is beginning to reclaim much of the scarred lands.

Many nations great leaders and heros have been displace by the event leaving many civilizations to govern themselves or appoint new leadership – or be at the mercy of more aggressive neighbors. Similarly, it seems as if the Gods are no longer interested in Faerûn. Many of the old temples have been left to ruin and other dieties have faded into obscurity as their works and avatars become increasingly more aloof.

Some areas have found prosperity while others have discovered only subjugation. Trade in many parts of Faerûn has surged to new hieghts but so has avarice and greed. Piracy is more rampant on the coasts and more theif tribes harp the highways. Traveling can indeed bring one great fortune as well as great peril.