The Adventurers awaken in shackels. Battered and bruised prisoners of a small pirate crew who acquired each by different means and places. The prisoners are five in total, one appearing no more important than the next; yet for some unknown reason, the pirates have taken much longer than expected to determine their fate. Or perhaps, their fate is already being carried out.

Prior to this day, atleast you assume it’s daytime, you have been treated harshly and without value. Your pirate captors have only recently begun to serve you more than half a ration of food and water each day. Prior to this you wondered if they meerly planned to starve you slowly. The crew suddenly made port the day prior and began to change their demeanor. Not only was your treatment improved but the crew piled many new foodstuffs and general supplies into the now swelling stows of the ship. Additionally, you caught a glimpse of a man much more regal in dress and stature than the usual rabble of pirates you normally see here. He seemed trained on the details of one of the other prisoners but whom exactly, you could not determine.

After embarking and a particularly long and relatively calm day at sea, your fleeting peace is interrupted by two very familiar faces, stumbling, drunk, down the ladder into your home, after dismissing the current crewmates assigned to the stows, they turn their scarred selves to you, and a devious grin forms across their faces….



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